Mission & vision

The Smart Factory at the service of Smart Factories.

The Smart Factory at the service of Smart Factories.


The Smart Factory at the service of Smart Factories.

Camozzi Digital supports companies that want to grow and succeed by fully exploiting all the potentials of digital innovation and IIoT solutions.

Camozzi Digital offers a range of packages and solutions to connect machinery and plants to the Cloud platform. Through the technologies offered by Camozzi Digital, Smart Factories can fully exploit the benefits of digital production management, concentrating completely and totally on the product, forgetting the operational problems in plant management.

The continuous optimisation of the production process (efficiency, maintenance, energy consumption, waste, quality...) guarantees significant cost savings by generating a direct advantage over the competitors, even in those highly competitive industrial sectors.


Identify emerging Innovative trends, fully understand the potential of Modern Enabling Technologies, interpret global strategic changes and contribute to the transformation of the manufacturing industry.

Create Smart Factory using new technologies in all processes to create platforms and systems:

  • Flexible (able to easily configure the different process parameters)
  • Dynamic (able to respond quickly to failures and maintenance needs)
  • Transparent (information and process parameters are collected, summarised and displayed in order to facilitate and optimise decisions)
  • Optimised (energy consumption, waste, efficiency and reliability of and machinery and plants, component life cycle)

We offer Advanced Analytics tools that monitor process performance, correlate machine operating conditions, energy consumption, component status and perform predictive analyses.

Software to immediately and automatically identify any technical malfunction while the machines are running and, through an automatic alert system, to promptly inform the client.

Simplifies, speeds up and makes the production management control more efficient, automating business process and supporting decision-making

Tailor-made products, services and skills

Mission & vision